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1. Admission to class is restricted by certain Government regulations and by conditions of age, ability and conduct.

2. The age for admission to Standard I is between 5112 and 612 years, with a corresponding increase for the higher classes.

3. All candidates who join Std. 1 fresh from home or from private school have to produce an official Birth Certificate. Besides, Christians must also produce a Baptism Certificate. Candidates coming for admission from out of India and recognised schools must pass a written test in such subjects as may be required of them.

4. Except for children who seek admission to Standard I, all others must produce a Transfer Certificate from the previous recognised school.

5. The Leaving Certificate of a pupil joining from a school outside Maharashtra State must be countersigned by the Education Inspector of the District in which the previous school is situated.

6. No Leaving Certificate will be issued unless applied for in person by the parent or guardian in the prescribed form and after all the dues have been paid. Fees will be due as long as no note for withdrawal is given and pupil's name is on the roll. Usually, a month's notice is required. if the Leaving Certificate is not asked for within one year, a fee of Rs. 10/- is charged for the same as also for a duplicate certificate. if the pupil is withdrawn in April the fee for May must be paid.

7. All certificates-School Leaving Character, Bonafide etc. will not be issued on the day of application irrespective of urgency. Application for such requirements must be made well in advance. A fee of Rs.10/- will be charged for Bonafide Certificate and Rs.25/- for Duplicate Leaving Certificate.

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